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Compass Medical is part of the Compass Consulting Group, which consists of following divisions: Compass Business Solutions, Compass Digital Solutions and Compass Medical Solutions.

Since 2007 and to this day, our consulting company remains committed to its ideology, which is based on 5 key corporate values ​​- innovation, orientation towards an efficient solution for the customer, high-class quality, achievement of objectives and responsibility in following the accepted commitments.

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Compass Medical – Your reliable partner, when it comes to receiving treatment in Europe’s best clinics and medical centers.

Proper health care is the fundament for a happy family, successful business and an active lifestyle, which is the reason why we are willing to contribute to a quick recovery of our clients thereby, strengthening the basis for a fulfilling life.
Europe’s health care and medical technology are developing rapidly and constantly. Our mission becomes even more comprehensible and much in demand due to this rapid development of medical technology, information technology and pharmacy in Germany, as well as due to our direct contacts to high-class hospitals and understanding of the mentality of both our Western and Eastern partners.

Given that nowadays, it is much easier to gain access to versatile information, many people are actively participating in global processes and transformation. On this account, leading European countries, like Germany, willing to stay current in development and medical service are dependent upon coordinating centers that can effectively organize medical tourism, enable a comfortable stay in Europe and provide their clients with truthful information. These centers represent one-stop-agencies that can provide answers for all of your questions, which is the major task of Compass Medical. In us, you will find your compass and the right way to recovery!

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